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An Accident with Multiple Preventions

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On April 16th, Gonsalves had been driving under the influence in Howell, NJ, that luckily, did not harm another car. However, his driving led to the death of Ronald Tremblay Jr., who was found in the backseat of Gonsalves’ car. Tremblay was accordingly not wearing a seat belt, which may have been the leading cause to Tremblay’s severe head trauma. He was unresponsive and was taken to Kimball Medical Center in Lakewood, NJ. Gonsalves and the front-passenger, Brandon Roselli, were also taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

According to authorities, Gonsalves drove off the road and struck several trees before the car was put to stop. After investigations, alcohol and speeding were factors to Gonsalves’ driving.

Gonsalves was charged with second-degree vehicular homicide and motor vehicle violations including driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, underage while drinking, speeding, and failure to maintain lane. If convicted, Gonsalves could face up to 10 years of imprisonment.

There are many preventative measures that could have been taken to prevent this accident. In fact, the accident should serve as a lesson for drivers out there to be cautious. Here are some of the things that you need to do and what Gonsalves should have done:

  • Don’t be underage & drink: this is obvious, but if this basic principle is ignored, then, at the very least, be careful and aware of the decisions you are making.
  • Don’t drink & drive: if you know that you are intoxicated, or if you've had what tends to be the legal limit or close to it, ask someone who is sober and has not been drinking to take you home. Asking your parents or a family member to come and get you is the best idea. Sometimes a friend who wasn’t at the party or bar can come get you too. However, if no one at the party is sober enough to be behind the wheel and if you feel that your parents would disapprove, stay the night or call a cab.
  • Wear a seat belt: “Click it or Ticket!” There is no way that a driver can go about their travel without seeing that sign. The law is meant to save you, not be a burden. seat belts save lives especially in car accidents. With the law of physics, your body stays in motion as long as you are in the car. A seat belt may cause minor injuries in an accident, but it is better than flying through a windshield.

Driving is one of the leading causes of death in America.  A motor vehicle is a powerful machine that can either help you or harm you. Be smart and safe about the decisions you make. Every choice you make affects your future.





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