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Some tips that you may not think about every day when you are driving...

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Common Sense Tips for Drivers:

  • Take every sign literally: When you see a “STOP” sign, you completely stop. You do not make a partial stop, you don’t just slow down. You slow down and come to a full stop, with your foot on the brakes for 3 seconds.
  • Don’t tailgate: No one likes the sense of being rushed by the driver behind them. Don’t be that driver. Follow the 3 second rule, where you don’t accelerate until 3 seconds after the driver in front of you does. Technically, you should be leaving a space that 3 cars can fill. This rule makes it easy for other drivers to switch into your lanes safely and successfully.
  • Manage your time wisely: If the directions say that it will take 30 minutes to get to your destination, leave an extra 10-25 minutes earlier in case of traffic. If you’re early, you get to become a relaxed driver. Time management is one of the key factors to why aggressive driving exists. Those who feel that they are in a rush become reckless and can get into serious issues.
  • Share the road: Roads are for public use, be kind and allow drivers from intersections to join your path. You don’t necessarily have to let every driver from the intersection go ahead in front of you, but at least allow one driver. This can prevent accidents too. Clearly show that you are letting the other driver go in front of you so there will be less confusion.
  • Be aware of people around you: Sometimes it may be hard to see a pedestrian, but a way to avoid hitting a pedestrian can be by giving space between your car and the curb. Bikers and even walkers tend to travel along or on the sidewalk. Drive with even more alertness in the dark, drive slower if you even need to.
  • Watch your blind spots: there are so many instances where an accident has occurred because the other driver was in another driver’s blind pot in the rearview mirror. Look at your mirror then quickly and safely look behind your shoulder to see if anyone is coming at your sides. This is crucial when you are trying to change lanes. 
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