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Fire Safety Tips

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Fire Safety Rules:

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 3,400 Americans die every year due to a fire. Fires are a dangerous hazard to many objects and your family. Fires don’t magically happen, it’s a matter of thinking about safety. Here are some helpful tips that you should think about:

  • Have a working fire alarm: it is the most important thing to have in for fire safety. It notifies your family and your local fire department that there is a fire.
  • Know what to do in case of fire: immediately leave the building as soon as you hear the fire alarm go off or when you sense a fire.
  • Watch your wires: never have too many plugs in one outlet, over nails, under a rug, always unplug cables that you are not using. If you smell something suspicious by your outlet, safely and gently unplug your wire and have a repairman look at it.
  • Fireplaces/fire pits: make sure that you do not have objects within at least 3 ft. of the fire, never remove anything from the fireplace without proper handle, use fire screens, and clean your chimney regularly
  • Kerosene heaters are only to be approved by authorities
  • Portable heaters need space too: don’t allow any object to be within 3 ft.
  • Fire safety sprinklers: not only are there to protect you, they can lower your insurance costs and increase your home value
  • Know your exit routes: no matter where you are, it is important to look around for an escape route whenever you are in a new room. In public places, these alternate routes should have a sign that says “EXIT”
  • Protect your children: children barely understand what is dangerous and what is not. Keep lighters, matches, or anything that can start a fire out of their reach. They are often curious and think that everything is a toy. Stress what is a toy and what is not
  • Help the elderly: believe it or not, about 1/3 of annual deaths due to fire are senior citizens. Their reaction time is delayed, and sometimes they may not be able to sense fires as quickly as adults or even sense it at all.

Fires are violent hazards that are no joke. Do not think twice about getting out as soon as you can. Leave safely and quickly, and perhaps invest in a fire blanket. Fire blankets should extinguish fire that is on your clothing or your person. If you are on fire, remember: stop, drop, and roll.

For more information on government regulations about fires and other tips, check out:




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