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Holiday & Winter Safety: “Packages, Boxes and Wags…” | Preventing Dog Bites: For the Owner

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Yes. The holiday season is officially upon us.
We now await the Feast Fest that is Thanksgiving, and many of us will begin the process of online shopping for Christmas.  (Some of you overachievers may have already FINISHED your shopping)
With the insanity that comes with the wintry, holiday experience, there are a few dangers we’d be remiss to ignore - some of which we intend to cover within the next few weeks and months.  Among them is a generally disregarded issue that is often ignored until family and friends are torn up about it - sometimes, literally.
We’re talking about those furry family members with whom we share our holiday homes.
We love our dogs.  We do our best to treat them well and have them treat others well, but, as many dog owners have learned, our pups have minds and intents of their own.  Sometimes, without warning, they get frazzled and fearful, and they attack…
The delivery man, dropping off Christmas gifts…
The visiting toddler who wants to pet the pooch…
We may do our very best to train our dogs, but there is always a risk involved in pet ownership.
For this reason, we’ve drafted a quick-list of some helpful tips to keep you, your family and your guests safe from the pain and potential litigation that’s associated with dog bites.
Have your dog spayed or neutered
Dogs that undergo this routine procedure are less inclined to roam around looking for love or a fight - making them less likely to bite.
Train your dog
Enroll your dog in obedience classes to socialize him and train him in proper puppy etiquette.  Be mindful that, in order to be effective, any training must be consistently applied and instilled by ALL members of your household.  Make sure the entire family in on board and educated in your dog’s training methods.
Socialize your dog
Take him to the park, to parades - anywhere dogs are permitted - to ensure he is adequately exposed to various people, places and pets.
The more experiences he has, the less likely he’ll be to lash out in fear or anxiety.
Crate your dog
A crate is an enclosed structure that replicates the instinctual “den” environment, affording dogs a comfortable, secluded spot to feel safe and secure.  When used for short periods of time, a crate can be an effective way to allow your guests (and your pet!) to feel safe during visits from unfamiliar guests.
Above all else, love your dog!
As with any pet, dogs that feel loved, are treated kindly, and get sufficient time, nurturing and attention, are less likely to engage in destructive, attention-seeking behavior.  Treat your dog well.  He is family.
This article is the first in a series on Holiday & Winter Safety.  Keep on the lookout for more helpful tips and articles to keep you and your family safe this season!
The family at Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates wants to remind you that we’re here for you.  If you or someone you know has been attacked by a dog, please let us help.  Give us a call at (877) 721-7201 or drop us a line.
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