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Bayonne Car Accident with Pedestrian - Settlement

Bayonne, NJ - Our client was walking home from the train station on 22nd Street, when he entered the cross walk with the green light at the intersection of Avenue and 22nd Street.  The defendant’s commercial vehicle did not see the client in the cross walk and his vehicle struck our client.  As a result of the accident, the client lost consciousness and was taken to the Jersey City Medical.  He sustained moderate to severe injuries to his skull, shoulder and back, requiring multiple surgical procures, in addition to intensive physical therapy and speech therapy.

The client also sustained hearing loss, chronic tinnitus and sinus problems, resulting in loss of taste and smell. The defendant’s insurance carrier refused to settle claiming that our client was not in the cross walk and that he darted out into traffic.  Our office filed suit and hired a private investigator to shoot photograph of the area and provide a map of the area which showed that the client would not have darted out between cars to cross the street as the most logical path from the train station back to his house was a straight line through the cross walk.  We also asked the private investigator to document how many cars normally parked on Avenue E at the intersection with 22nd Street.  A month before the case was set to go to trial, the defendant’s insurance carrier settled the claim.

Settlement: $200,000.00

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