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Accidents in carpools or rideshare like Uber and Lyft

New York / New Jersey lawyers for injuries from carpool and rideshare accidents

The NY/NJ tristate area is unique with it's densely populated demographic. As a result, commuters and everyday drivers seek to skip the traffic, and have someone else deal with the driving drama. Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are especially helpful as designated drivers for partyers. Carpooling and ridesharing are convenient and time-saving - a sensible choice for many.

As with any other transportation service, ridesharing and carpooling come with risk of injury. If you're in a crash or pedestrian accident involving an Uber, Lyft or rideshare service, you have a completely different set of legal challenges ahead. Due to the legal hurdles of the industry in the our metropolitan area, our legal team has a practice area dedicated specifically to Carpool & Rideshare accidents.

If you're hurt in an accident involving a carpool, commuter or rideshare vehicle, don't hesitate to call or connect. With offices conveniently located in Matawan and Bayonne, our team is very experienced serving and representing clients in the New York / New Jersey tristate area.

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