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North Brunswick Car Crash - Car Accident Settlement

North Brunswick, NJ - On September 12, 2012, our client was driving west bound down Adams Lane toward the intersection of Route 1 in the Township of North Brunswick.  When he approached the intersection of Adams Lane and Route 1, the light was red and he waited until the light turned green before making a left hand turn on Route 1 South.  When the light turned green on Adams Lane, the client started to make a left hand turn onto Route 1 South when the defendant, who was speeding northbound down Route 1 North, blew through a red light on Route 1 North and in the process the defendant’s car collided with the client’s vehicle causing all the side air bags to deploy.  The client sustained injuries to his neck, lower back, left shoulder and right foot.  The client under went surgery to his lower back to correct the injury to his lower back and to alleviate the pain that was caused by the accident along with various forms of other treatment to alleviate the pain caused by the injuries to his neck, left shoulder and right foot.  The case settled with Superior Court Judge just two weeks prior to trial.

Settlement: $95,000.00

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