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I'm Evacuating for a Hurricane. What do I do?

Aside from clothing, medicine, and other household items evacuation means being ready for the worst. 

If you have to evacuate, you'll want to take necessary and hard-to-replace documents. Here's a list of what should be in a waterproof, lockable container you can easily grab. If you might evacuate, that is you're where a storm could hit, it's wise to gather up these items:

  • Banking information checkbook, savings account passbook, safe deposit box key
  • Birth, death and marriage certificates, divorce decree
  • Will and power of attorney
  • Social Security card and records
  • Military records
  • Medical records (living will, health care surrogacy, etc.)
  • Insurance policies
  • Health insurance cards
  • Retirement account records
  • Recent pay stubs, in case you have to document employment to collect benefits
  • Tax returns
  • Car titles and registrations
  • Mortgage deeds or rental agreements
  • All of your credit cards
  • Passports and/or green cards
  • Hard copy list of important phone numbers (relatives, bank and insurance company)
  • DVD or flash drive on which you back up computer files just before you shut down the computer and evacuate
  • If possible Home inventory (on paper, disc, flash drive or video; you should keep another copy in a safe place, maybe at work or at the home of a relative out of state)

Don't forget any family photographs that you could never replace. And good luck! May you return to find your home safe and sound.

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