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The other driver's insurance company is giving me the run around, what do I do?

Unfortunately, insurance companies have a way of delaying payment when they are required to pay up for their driver's negligence. Often times, you will find yourself leaving voicemail after voicemail only to be told, "the adjustor is busy this week," or "I have to show the file to my supervisor who is on vacation this week." Do not be put off by this. Insurance companies have 30 days to settle most claims, so they have time on their side. However, I have noticed that when insurance companies find themselves accruing costs, they tend to settle a lot faster. For example, if they accept liability and you are waiting for their adjustor to go look at the car in the body shop, demand a rental. They have to provide a rental (although it is usually the cheapest car rental available). Once they provide the rental, they will move much master because the longer they delay, the more it is costing them in rental fees.

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