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I was a driver in an accident and my car was not insured, but the accident wasn’t my fault. Can I sue the driver responsible for my injuries?

In New Jersey it is illegal to operate a vehicle without auto insurance. As such, if you have a vehicle that is registered in NJ but is not insured, you cannot sue the driver responsible for your injuries….even if he or she is 100% liable for the accident.  If you have a vehicle registered you are required to have auto insurance and failure to do so prohibits you from suing.

In fact, if you are issued a summons for driving without insurance, for a first offense, you may be fined anywhere from $300 to $1,000 and can have your license suspended one year. You may also be required to complete community service hours, which would be determined by the court.

Second offenses and beyond can result in higher fines, additional community service, loss of license and even imprisonment.

So, if you have a car registered in NJ but you do not have auto insurance, get it insured now…before you are involved in an accident.  Will save you a lot of headache and probably a lot of money.

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