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What is "hypermiling?"

"Hypermiling" is a method of driving that maximizes a vehicle's fuel efficiency through careful and calculated techniques.


Some helpful tips to maximize your fuel economy are:

  • Don't idle: Idling actually uses more gas than simply shutting off your parked vehicle.

  • Pack lightly: Excessive weight in or on your vehicle can significantly reduce your MPG.

If you must haul cargo, avoid loading on top of your vehicle, which increases aerodynamic drag. Load your trunk or use a rear-mount cargo box.

  • Use cruise control on highways: This keeps your vehicle at a consistent speed, optimizing gas usage.

  • Drive responsibly: Excessive speeding or aggressive driving (repetitive speeding-acceleration-braking patterns) actually works against you, as it increases your accident risk and decreases your fuel economy.

  • Accelerate gradually: Gradually increasing speed uses less fuel than speeding up to get somewhere sooner.

  • Be mindful of your driving habits: Find a new driving route that will optimize your fuel efficiency.

While you may not endeavor to be a hypermiling expert, it is never a bad idea to stretch your gas money a little further.

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