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What is PIP insurance?

PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection.  PIP insurance, which is sometimes called "no-fault insurance" is an additional type of protection under your auto insurance plan.  PIP helps to cover medical expenses (and occasionally, lost wages and funeral expenses) for injuries directly related to an auto accident.  This type of coverage pays out regardless of who is at fault.

It differs from Bodily Injury Liability in that PIP covers medical expenses for your injuries, while Bodily Injury Liability covers the medical expenses of those you're legally liable for injuring.

PIP may also cover some additional, non-medical expenses. If accident-related injuries prevent you from performing certain household duties, such as caring for your children, this insurance may cover the cost of daycare.

Personal Injury Protection is optional is some states and mandatory in others.  It is mandatory in New Jersey.

New Jersey is a No-Fault state where almost all drivers (with few exceptions) are required to have PIP coverage.

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