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How do I know when my chid is ready for an adult seatbelt without a booster seat?

Here's how to know when your child is ready to use a seatbelt without a booster seat. 

If your child can do the following...

  • Sit comfortably with knees bent over the edge of the seat
  • Sit with feet flat on the floor of the car,
  • Sit with back flat against the seat,
  • Is tall enough that the lap belt comes across the upper thigh or hip,
  • Is tall enough the the shoulder belt comes over the shoulder and across the middle of the chest,
  • Can sit comfortably in this position described above
  • Is mature enough to know the seatbelt should not be removed while the vehicle is in motion, and will comply.

...then it’s time to say goodbye to the booster seat. The adult safety belt now offers the critical protection for which it was designed.

If you have more questions on protecting your children, including vehicle safety, don't hesitate to reach out, or post your questions below.

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