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Arbitration v. Trial

Legal help?

Legal complications can prove to be extremely difficult to navigate on your own but hiring a lawyer can help decrease anxiety and increase efficiency. Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates provides expert lawyers that can provide you with the legal solutions to your business problems or civil litigations.

Trial Proceedings

Trial proceedings occur in a formal court with jurisdiction in your area, with both parties present and able to make their case. The trial is presided over by a neutral judge and an attorney representing each party in the case. Each party gives an opening statement and argues their case in front of the judge and jury, a body of citizens that will deliver the verdict. If either party is dissatisfied by the results of the case they can try to appeal to overturn the decision in an appellate court.

Arbitration Proceedings

Arbitration proceedings are related to different disputes that can arise from changes or breaches of contract. The individuals involved in a dispute can agree to attempt to resolve their dispute using arbitration, which is a process that occurs outside of the courts and is less formal. The parties involved take their dispute in front of a third party, known as the arbitrator and makes their case. Evidence that could not necessarily be submitted in court can be reviewed by an arbitrator because of the informality associated with arbitration. The decision that the arbitrator makes based on all the evidence presented is final and binding.

Which Process is the Right One for You?

Our experienced and expert attorneys at Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates can review your case and help you decide what the proper recourse for your situation is. We can help make sure you are taken care of and the proper steps are taken to get the outcome you desire.

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