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Business Consumer Fraud

What Can Constitute Consumer Fraud?

False advertising, overcharging, and maintaining hidden charges through deception are activities that are unequivocally consumer fraud. Consumer fraud does not always affect a single customer; it can affect companies and groups of people as well.

One of the most devastating acts of fraud is stolen identity fraud. It is a very real and looming concern in today’s corporate environment. We are doing things like online shopping more than ever and our information can be compromised in a number of different ways. Identity theft can be the fraudulent carrying over of property, identity theft, and credit card fraud. You may have watched Melissa McCarthy’s Identity Thief and had a few laughs but the problem of identity theft is a very real one and solving it is no laughing matter.

Another fraudulent act that consumer should be aware of is fraud committed by a home improvement contractor. They can use schemes like affirmative representation, renowned remissions, and certain regulatory violations, to unlawfully rob innocent victims of their money.

Consumer Fraud Protection

There are federal and state laws that are in place to protect consumer from deception and unfair business practices. The Consumer Fraud Act helps to regulate the ways that business are allowed to publish, promote, advertise and sell their merchandise. These regulations attempt to prevent the opportunities for consumer fraud. The act also regulates biased acts of business and sellers as well.

What If You Are A Victim Of Consumer Fraud?

There are proper channels and avenues that you should consider taking in situations of consumer fraud. There are agencies that take part in the investigation regarding consumer fraud and all other related complaints. The preferred way to navigate these agencies and ensure that you recover any losses you may have incurred is to hire an experienced lawyer.

In cases of consumer fraud against a group of individuals or entities, it is possible to file a class action lawsuit to pursue legal action. The Consumer Fraud Act has a mandatory attorney-general fee provision that permits the recovery of legal fees in certain situations, as well. The attorneys at Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates have a thorough understanding of the law and can help you with receiving your compensation.

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