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Class Action Lawsuits

Class Action Lawsuits Cover the Damages Caused by Fraudulent Activities or Policies of Businesses 

All the matters related to Class Action Lawsuits come under the category of Civil Litigation. A Class action is a lawsuit with several parties involved. The parties involved can be group of people or entities suing an individual or single entity, a single entity or individual suing a group of entities or people, or one group of entities or people suing another group of entities or people. When pursuing a class action lawsuit it is important to consider whether a federal court or state court will be the better option for your case. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney, like those at Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates with experience in class action lawsuits, will be able to help you.  

Where Should You File A Class Action Lawsuit?

If you are the defendant then a federal court will most likely serve your purpose better, but if you are the petitioner, you may prefer going through the state court. The defendant in a case will generally try to take the case to federal court, especially if the amount of money in the case exceeds $5 million USD. The Class Action Lawsuit Act of 2005 gives overwhelming power to the defendant to do so. The option that you should take can be discerned by a legal professional for your unique and individual case.

Also, sections of State Class Action Lawsuits may vary from one state to another. Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates is specialized in different fields of State Laws including Civil Litigation and Class Action Lawsuits of New Jersey so we can help find the solution that fits your case.

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