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Construction Disputes

Construction Disputes & Role of a Law Firm

There are a variety of legal hindrances that can affect the success of a project in construction and development. Many disputes occur due to miscommunication between a contractor and a client, lower standards of construction, failure to pay the construction cost, or change in the modified result of the product. Both written and verbal contradictions between a party can result in dispute and litigation. There are other methods, like mediation, that can solve a dispute but a court of law’s solution is often ultimate.

A legal professional can help you handle any unforeseen legal matters as they arise and handle disputes in an efficient and correct manner. Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates offers services to handle cases of construction contract, government contracts, owner claims and real estate transactions. We aim to provide cost efficient solutions for resolving disputes and have experience in complex litigation and dispute resolution.

We have 20 years of experience in representing:

  • Construction and renovation firms
  • Landlords
  • Tenants
  • Home owners
  • Property developers

Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates & Contract Disputes

Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates has many industry associations with companies like the New Jersey Building Association and National Association of Home Builders. Our attorneys and lawyers are readily available round the clock to help the clients get solutions to their property disputes as soon as possible.

We have a team of professionals that deals with various disputes involving millions of dollars in claims and helping clients in the most effective way possible. We can provide mediation, arbitration and legal representation. For all of your queries, contact Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates today for a consultation and detailed discussion over your case. 

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