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Consumer Fraud and Vehicle Repair

Mechanics and Consumer Fraud – How to Stay Safe

Have you ever sent your vehicle in for repairs at a garage or to a mechanic and realized that the repairs were not up to par or even what you agreed on? The Consumer Fraud Act of New Jersey mandates the mechanic or workshop to get written authorization from a consumer before completing repairs to protect consumer from these situations. The law requires the mechanic to present the customer with a list of required repairs that includes prices, odometer readings, and the date at the minimum. The customer must then authorize, in writing, the list of repairs before the mechanic can begin working. If the authorization is not in writing then it must be done either verbally, with the telephone number that called on the repair list, or through email. A customer is not required to approve all the repairs on the list and can choose to leave some repairs out for cost reasons or otherwise.

What Happens If The Mechanic Does More, Or Less, Than I Asked Them To?

There are two options available to a consumer if a mechanic does not comply with what was authorized. You may approve of the changes the mechanic made and not want to pursue any action. However if the mechanic’s unauthorized work cost you more money than you were willing to pay then you can pursue legal action. You need an experienced and expert attorney by your side to get the legal expertise and help that you need in your case. The attorneys at Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates can help you review your case and help you get the results you want!







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