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Don’t Let An Injury At Work Injure Your Life

One day you are at work, going about your business, earning a living. The next day, you are hurt, unable to move, as a result of the very work that you do day in and day out.

Injuries at work happen everyday. The injury could be the result of negligence on the part of your employer or co-workers, or it could be as a result of an accident caused solely by you. You may even be compensated for injuries that have developed over time, such as chronic back problems or breathing problems.

Unlike other types of injury cases in New Jersey, with Worker's Compensation cases, you are compensated for your injury NO MATTER WHOSE FAULT IT IS....even if it is YOURS! Of course, don't go injure yourself on purpose because you would not be covered. And worse, if you injure yourself on purpose you could be charged with insurance fraud.

Under New Jersey law, your employer is required to pay for your medical treatment along with compensation for lost wages as a result of your injuries. Often times, people injured at work are reluctant to seek compensation because they are uncertain as to how will pay their medical bills. If you are an employee (and not an independent contractor), your employer is required to carry worker's compensation insurance to cover your medical bills and to compensate you if you are injured on the job. If your employer does not carry worker's compensation insurance and you are an employee, your employer may be subject to civil penalties as a result of non-compliance with the law and your employer will be required to pay for your medical bills and compensation out of his or her own pocket.

Another fear employees often have is the fear of losing their job if they file a claim under worker's compensation. IT IS ILLEGAL TO FIRE AN EMPLOYEE BECAUSE HE OR SHE FILED A CLAIM FOR WORKER'S COMPENSATION BENEFITS. Your employer would be subject to stiff penalties should your employment be terminated.

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