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Fraud Involving Home Projects

Fraud Involving Landscaping or Other Home Projects

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act protects consumers from unfair business practices used by contractors and service providers. The law covers almost all cases related to fraud, deception and service satisfaction.

People can suffer huge monetary losses from fraud cases involving home improvement, renovation, or similar projects. Some unfair practices that you may encounter may be being overcharged for a service, compromised quality and performance, and extra charges that were not part of your initial agreement or contract. Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates can help you discern whether your case involves fraud and can provide valuable legal solutions.  

Fraud Claims

You can file a claim for fraud:

  • If you are billed anything extra, this was not covered in the scope of the work
  • If the desired product has not performed as per contract after the purchase of that product
  • If a company denies the replacement of the product as per contract or the performance result doesn’t remain the same
  • If the product warranty is not fulfilled by the company
  • If a company does not fulfill the promise made during the marketing campaign for the product
  • Quality and standard of the product are not maintained by the company

The most important thing to keep in mind during any transaction is to make sure you review your contract and understand it thoroughly. A thorough understanding of your contract, or hiring a legal profession who can help, will make your case stronger in a court of law or settlement.

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