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General Contractors and Consumer Fraud

What Constitutes Consumer Fraud When You're Working With A General Contractor?

General contractors are responsible for making evaluations and providing customers with the estimated prices and timings of the project so that the owner of the project can make an informed decision. A general contract can be a small house to a large construction project.

General contractors are sometimes referred to as construction managers at risk because they are at risk of providing false information or making an incorrect estimate. This misinformation can result in a significant lost for the owner of the project. There are also, unfortunately, cases of willful false accounting and higher quotations for construction work. This constitutes consumer fraud that can come at a high expense to the owner of a project

How Can You Spot Consumer Fraud?

It can be difficult to catch consumer fraud by a general contractor because you are trusting them with a costly undertaking and deferring to their expertise in their field. One way to make sure that your general contractor is not fraudulent is to compare your project to other similar projects to make sure that the general price estimates are not too suspiciously far off. You can talk to any family or friends that have had similar projects, reach out to online forums to see what other consumer’s experiences have been, get the plans for your project from an architect and call different general contractors to get their quotations. You may also want to consult a lawyer to make sure that all the relevant legal procedures are being followed. An experienced lawyer will also be able to spot consumer fraud easily and help you protect your interests and assets.

What Should You Do If You Suspect Consumer Fraud?

Fraudulence can be more difficult to prove than physical losses or other unfortunate incidents. You must have sufficient evidence just to file a case for fraudulence. The complications involved in fraudulent cases can be difficult and sometimes near impossible to navigate without a lawyer. The lawyers at Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates are here to help you, our client, through any means possible. Our lawyers will provide you with keen insight and proper legal assistance in your case. They can help you sort through documentation like, similar project bids, paid checks, transaction information, contracts, and agreement papers to ensure the optimal results in your case. You can be rest assured that Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates has you covered!

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