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Home Inspection and The Issues That May Arise

What types of issues may arise during home inspection?

Purchasing a new home is a very sensitive and prized investment. One major component of buying or selling a house in a home inspection conducted by an authorized professional, who will inspect the house meticulously during the evaluation period.

Issues that May Arise During the Inspection

Home and property maintenance is of the utmost importance if you intend to sell your house at any point in time. Some key aspects of home maintenance that you should pay attention to are moist or useless crawl spaces, stucco problems, roofing issues, and flaws in electrical wiring.

Moist or Useless Crawl-spaces

Grade draining tends to head to moist or useless crawl-spaces and cause damage to the walls and basements. Water that overflows from the foundation can lead to the decomposition of the walls and the presences of mold. This can be a major issue during your home inspection and will certainly bring down the selling price of your house.

Stucco Problems

If applied properly then stucco in exterior surfaces will be durable for a long period of time. However if there are cracks where stucco is applied then the water seepage can lead to contamination and will affect the value of the house. It is important to monitor areas you think water may enter into.

Roofing Issues

If the roof of the home you are intending to buy or sell is not up to par or has not been well maintained repairs will be imperative. Improper roofing can lead to a variety of home disasters and cannot be bought or sold without repairs or intentions for repairs.

Flaws in Electric Wiring

Flaws in electrical wiring can be hazardous to the occupants of the house because they can cause electrical fires. Well maintained electrical circuits and power supplies can not only enhance the safety of the inhabitants it can also increase the value of your property and decrease repair costs.


In accordance with the Real Estate Laws in New Jersey, a buyer is permitted to consult a professional for the inspection of the house he/she is going to purchase. A licensed inspector will perform a variety of inspection that include, but are not limited to, radon test and termite inspection. On the basis of the report issued after inspection, the buyer has the right to make their decision accordingly. It is advisable to hire a professional, trained attorney to ensure your legal rights and provide help and guidance.

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