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What is Insurance Fraud?

Insurance Companies and consumer fraud

The Consumer Fraud Act protects the right of the plaintiff to claim damages as well as legal fees that accumulate during legal proceedings. This act extends to consumers in insurance companies and banking institutions that fall victim to hidden charges and unjustified claims. These cases tend to be fraught with legal complications that can create anxiety and hardships for you. Seeking professional legal help can ease your burden and make getting the compensation you deserve more facilitative.

Dishonest financial institutions, insurance companies and other similar organizations sometimes take advantage of a consumer’s lack of information and faith but Joseph M. Ghabour and Associates can help ensure that you are not a victim of fraudulent activity or help you recover any losses you may have sustained as a result of fraudulent activity. Our lawyers have experience in insurance law and consumer protection that will help you reach the outcome you are looking for.

Need Help In Insurance Litigation?

If you think you may be a victim of insurance fraud or in need of insurance litigation you can call Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates today to see if you can file a claim. You can go to court for medical insurance malpractice, legal claims, real estate insurance, employment insurance, and workmen’s compensation. These cases generally involve the denial of insurance claims, the difference in the amount of the claim, and payment after maturity of insurance. The Consumer Fraud Act covers the insurance benefits of the applicant and discourages malpractice from the insurance company. With the proper legal help, you can be eligible to your claim.

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