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After a Car Accident Injury, Don’t Settle for Less! Protect Your Rights With a New Jersey Auto Accident Attorney

There is a saying: "An accident is just an accident." That saying is true until one person's negligence causes the accident. Everyday people talking on cell phones, rushing to work or simply not paying attention cause accidents. At the Law Offices of Joseph M. Ghabour, we hold negligent drivers legally and financially accountable for the serious injuries and fatalities they cause.

Although the same types of accidents are common, every particular accident is unique.
Figuring out how much one's accident claim is worth is not an exact science. Some of the consequences of an accident are easy to describe, and it's easy to put a dollar amount to them. Other consequences are not so easily explained.
Whatever your damages or the type of accident you've suffered, it can be very helpful to have the guidance of an experienced attorney when you make an accident claim.
When you suffer a serious injury in a car accident, you deserve to be compensated. That is why we sit down with each client during a free initial consultation to go over the merits of a case. We will aggressively advocate to get you the money to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and property damage claims. We refuse to let negligent drivers off the hook. Demand compensation for your medical bills and lost wages - contact the Law Offices of Joseph M. Ghabour today.

The auto accident attorneys at the Law Office of Joseph M. Ghabour represent clients injured in the following kinds of traffic accidents:


  • Car crash
  • Truck wreck
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Bicycle / pedestrian knockdown

Don't Settle for Less - When an Insurance Agent Calls


It's not always easy to tell how serious an injury is right after an auto accident. The full extent of a soft tissue or head injury can often take weeks or months to determine. Unfortunately, because some injury victims initially believe they've only suffered a sore neck or slight concussion, they agree to a settlement offer soon after their accident.

Later, when they begin to suffer tingling in their extremities, severe, chronic headaches, muscle weakness, or other problems, it's too late for them to seek additional damages for their medical expenses and lost wages. At the Law Office of Joseph M. Ghabour, we ensure our clients aren't taken advantage of. Once you hire us to represent you, claims adjusters have to talk to us and can longer contact you, try to intimidate you, or mislead you into an early settlement. We're in Your Corner!

Auto accidents and pedestrian knockdowns are expensive, life-changing experiences. They often deprive individuals and families of important things in life - all because of someone's recklessness or negligence. We refuse to let negligent drivers simply go on with their lives. We bring them to court, present the facts, and hold them financially and legally accountable for their actions.

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