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New Jersey Surgery Can End in Failure

Undergoing surgery can be a leap of faith. You have to believe that everything will be fine, the surgeon knows what he or she is doing, and you will recover quickly after the operation.

While most surgical interventions allow the patient to recover and get on with his or her life, we are still far from a zero-defect level of quality. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Surgery involves far more than a qualified and experienced surgeon: Surgery relies on many different people and things, including perioperative nurses, anesthesiologists, assistants or interns, instruments, power tools, supplies, monitoring equipment, oxygen, gases, wall suction, sterilization, etc.
  • Surgery relies on preparation and procedures: The pre-operative planning requires in-depth examination of the patient's identity, record, allergies, tests, history and latest updates, as well as the operating room preparation and the review of instructions and procedures with the entire team.
  • Surgery is performed by humans: This can be good, for humans can react swiftly to unexpected events. But humans can also fail. Fatigue, inattentiveness, or miscommunication sometimes has grave consequences on the outcome of the operation.

A complex operation demands that surgeons, their teams, and the medical centers where surgery is performed are held to the highest standards of qualification and professional practice. Everyone involved in a surgery also is expected to train regularly and strictly follow procedures.

Failure to do so has devastating consequences for patients who entrust their lives to seemingly competent hands.

Surgical Mistake Injuries

It is difficult to describe what a patient and his or her loved ones have to go through after the trauma of a surgical error. Some errors are fatal; others might lead to paralysis or permanent disability. Still others result in nerve or organ damage, infection, bleeding, or scarring, thus requiring another operation or additional treatment. Victims of surgical mistakes are hurt emotionally and often lose confidence in future medical care and healthcare professionals.

A trusted and experienced medical malpractice attorney like Joseph M. Ghabour can guide you and stand by your side through the entire claim process.

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