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NJ Lemon Law

What is the NJ Lemon Law?

New Jersey Lemon Law is a state law that exists to protect consumers who have experienced any adverse issues with purchased or leased cars. The Lemon Law can only be considered applicable if a claim could not be made in any other way. Principally the lemon law is applicable to vehicles purchased or leased in the state of New Jersey after July 3, 1996.

How Can One Be Eligible For It?

If your car was purchased within the last two years, then you are eligible to claim maintenance for your car under the Lemon Law.  However where you bought your car, whether it was an individual or a dealer, does factor into your eligibility as does the mileage. The total mileage must be less than 24,000 miles or the car must be purchased within two years of the claim. You need to have the receipt of purchase with the delivery date, which needs to be two years or less from the day you want to file a case.

Benefits of Lemon Law

The law is meant to protect buyers against any defects in the car. It covers any defects that impairs the usage or compromises the safety and value of a vehicle. You must attempt to repair the defect three times, or been out of order for 20 days, but if the defect remains you are eligible for a claim. The manufacturer must replace you with a new car or refund your money.

What Should You Do?

The expert lawyers at Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates can help you file your case against a manufacturer. There are various legal complications, documentations and procedures that are involved in filing a claim and having our lawyers by your side can ease your burden.






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