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Renegotiation Before Closing

Can You Renegotiate the Prices Before Closing? 

There are many responsibilities inherent in real estate transactions that need to be executed correctly, like the property inspection, drawing contracts, and searching title deeds. The task is well worth the property, whether it is an investment or a new home. Sometimes everything goes as planned and smoothly. However there are cases where either party may want to renegotiate the prices before closing the deal.

Reasons for Renegotiation

Some of the reasons you may want to renegotiate the price before the closing takes place are:

  • The value of the properties surrounding property under transaction may have gone down between the time the prices were agreed upon and the time of closing.
  • The inspection may have unearthed possible defects that you may want to repair instead of forgoing the deal
  • The resale price may fall down significantly in a year or so, and you think that the price in the contract is too steep

Let’s Work Together

Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates can help you renegotiate your contract with the proper leverage and negotiation before your closing. Our lawyers understand the fluctuations in the real estate market and how they can apply to your particular case to work your dealings to your advantage.

At Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates our skilled and reputable real estate attorneys are experts in handling cases like yours. We can help you renegotiate the sale price and get it down to a more reasonable amount, so both you and the seller leave happily. Come and see us today at our office, so we can assist you in making sure that the step you take today doesn’t cause you lifelong unhappiness.

We look forward to working with you!






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