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Rent Control and Consumer Fraud

Rent control apartments and consumer fraud claims

Rent control is a mode of regulating the rent of a property and limiting the property owner from increasing the prices too suddenly or heavily. The consumer fraud claims, on the other hand, exist to protect the property owner from any false claims that a tenant may make.

What is a rent control apartment?

A rent control apartment is an apartment that is rented out to the residents by the property owner. The prices are agreed upon by the leaser and tenets and often paid monthly. These properties can be a source of income for the renters and they tend to increase the rent when there’s a high demand in the market. This forces existing tenants to either pay a higher rent or vacant the facility.

Rent control regulates this process so that a property owner must give an advanced notice upon raising the rent amount. For a monthly rental property, advanced notice would constitute a month beforehand. However there is no statewide law to ensure these rent controls and the regulations differ from state to state

What are consumer fraud claims?

Emergency Housing Rent Control Law of New Jersey offers protection against unlawful rentals or procedures to both a renter and a tenant of a property. A fraud is considered a crime and if either party is found guilty it can have dire consequences.

What do I do when I experience any type of consumer fraud?

Whether you are on the receiving end of consumer fraud or observe it, you can report it to the relevant authorities. The Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) is responsible for taking care of the rights of consumers in the state. They enforce the New Jersey Consumer Act and all other regulations that are meant to protect consumers. Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates can help you navigate how to file a case and see it through to the optimal outcome.








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