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Tips on renting a vacation home

Summer is here! Time to make book your vacation home…but be sure to look at some helpful tips before you make that decision….

Rule 1: Plan ahead

No one likes to be rushed when it comes to making big decisions. Take at least a day to plan out your vacation from dates, where, activities, it is important to get your money’s worth!

Rule 2: Rent from a trustworthy source

When it comes to renting a vacation home, double check who you’re dealing with, especially from online websites. There are plenty of consumer fraud cases where families are taken advantage of from “shady” renters. Which leads us to…

Rule 3: Request pictures of the home

Before completely making the decision of renting the home, ask the homeowner or renter take a lot of pictures of the home from inside to outside, you should be able to imagine the house through the pictures.

Rule 4: Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Be as informed as you can! Know everything about the home, from utilities available, its locations, its spaces for sleeping, if pets are allowed, are linens included, if there are already damages to the home, and many more! No one wants to be surprised to seeing a vacation home with just a mattress or no air conditioning! Think about the worst case scenarios and ask the renters questions about it.

Rule 5: Look at the reviews

Whether or not we all have the same opinions, it does make a difference to look at the reviews for the home. If there are multiple reviews that gave the home a low rating, it should raise a red flag. Reviews can give you insight on their rental transaction processes, the home itself, or if it is at a good location.

Rule 6: Research the place

Take time to look up the home’s location. Is it close to a convenient store? Are there any restaurants nearby? Is it in relative location to activities that you want to do?

Rule 7: Read Carefully

Sellers always manage to sneak little words that can change the document’s meaning completely, and by little, that also means literally! It is very important to understand all the terms and agreements before signing!

Rule 8: Research local laws

This may be dreadful but it is just as important. No one wants to get a parking ticket while on vacation. Laws differ from place to place, be sure to be certain of what it says. It may get you in trouble with the officials.

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