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Tips to a Safe Holiday Season!

It certainly is the "most wonderful time of the year." Caroling, cookies, Christmas and kids.  It really doesn't get much better.
This season, our family wishes you the very best in holiday fun.  Our hearts are for your wellness! Check out our series on Holiday Safety, to ensure your season is the merriest and safest it can possibly be.

Dog Safety

During the holiday, people are constantly knocking on your door.  You have delivery trucks, carolers, family and friends stopping by, all to bring you good tidings and great trinkets.  Be sure to keep pets and people in safe company!

Decking the Halls in Safety

Christmas lights abound.  They invite others into our holiday celebration with our public displays of colorful Christmas cheer. When properly and cautiously installed, they are whimsical and delightful adornments to your holiday home!
In addition to the rise in blood pressure caused from detangling Christmas lights, there are risks associated with those holiday twinklers.  Every year, thousands of people wind up in the hospital from injuries sustained as a result of Christmas decorations. Injuries reported were caused by falls from ladders and rooftops, burns from electrical and candle fires, electrocution and various other mishaps.  Use extra precaution when decorating your homes this year.
Food Safety
Preparing meals for family and friends is such a rewarding and fulfulling experience.  Be sure keep areas sanitized and hygenic to avoid foodborne illness!  Keep their bellies healthy and happy by following these simple tips.

Fire Hazards

Cookie baking...turkey roasting.  In the homes of cooking newbies to baking veterans, ovens are running constantly during this time of year.  Despite cooking experience or lack thereof, every winter, kitchens go up in flames due to careless culinary habits.
Then there's the tree...many often forget that Christmas trees are, in fact, cut plants in need of moderate temperatures and regular watering.  Constant baking and overzealous heating systems, characteristic of this time of year, tend to dry out Christmas trees, turning them into perfect kindling.

Black Ice and Road Conditions

Warm hearts. Cold weather.  As Christmas joy rises up to the Heavens, temperatures drop to greet us here on Earth.  Sub-zero temperatures make for icy conditions - on the road, in our driveways, in public parking lots - virturally anywhere there is a smooth surface, there is a risk for a slick sheet of ice to develop, making for very slippery driving conditions.  Be aware of these risks and exercise caution when operating a vehicle during icy weather.

Melted Snow and Slippery Conditions

Snowfall is one of the most miraculous sights to behold.  Delicate flakes fall to the ground, creating a winter wonderland...until it starts to melt.  Heavy gray slush and dirty water can accumulate in the most inconvenient places.  If it isn't melting right along your path, it'll eventually arrive, riding on the boots of many a pedestrian.  Be sure to keep paths well-salted and to wear proper footwear throughout the entire winter.
And while that snow is in your path...watch your back...

Back Injuries

Back injuries are among the most common ailments during the snow-shoveling season.  Improper positioning, inadequate supplies and overexertion are major causes of back injury.  Prepare yourself well in advance before the first snowfall.  Once you're snowbound, you're quite literally stuck with what you have.


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