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Three Day Attorney Review Clause

In New Jersey the attorney review is done differently than it is in other states. An examination is held right after an offer is accepted but before the final contract is not yet accepted. The lawyers of both the parties are involved. You have the option to dissolve the contract and the lender has the option to refuse to lend. This way you will not be deceived in terms of your deposited money. You can hire an agent for the professional level advice to help you assess your individual situation, like the attorneys at Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates.

In New Jersey, the accident claimers and other related parties can get in contact with attorneys and insurance companies so they have the opportunity to receive advice from different legal source and authorization from professionals in their fields.

The buyer or the seller of a property can choose to have an attorney to study their contract. The consulted attorney must complete his/her review of the contract within the three days time period. This time period does not include any legal holidays, Saturdays or Sundays. Any extensions must be made in an agreement in writing between the involved parties. If the attorney reviewer disapproves the contract, the attorney must notify the other party of the disagreement within a time period of three days. The attorney who claims disapproval is allowed to suggest revisions and make claims. The rejection of the contract by the attorney who reviewed it can result in the nullification of the contract between both the parties If the attorney of buyer or the seller does not disapprove the contract it becomes legally binding.

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