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Title Deeds and How to Make Sure Yours is Flawless

What is a Title Deed?

A title deed is a legal document that provides proof of ownership of a property. You truly become the owner of a property when the title deed is transferred in your name. But before that happens, it is important to read over and fully understand a deed, or better yet, have a legal professional look over it. Sometimes title deeds have issues within them that should be squared away before they become your problem. GhabourLaw makes sure that you’re taken care of and handles these problems before its too late so you can have a worry free transaction.

Problems with Title Deeds

A variety of problems can arise in title deeds, which is why it might be better to have a legal professional assess the document to ensure your protections. The lawyers at Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates check for the following to make sure you don’t have to.

  • The authenticity of the title deed
  • Any restrictions on the sale of the property
  • Confirming if the property really is owned by the person who is selling it, or is there fraud involved
  • Confirming that the person whose name is on the title deed does indeed have the right to sell the property (In cases of holding in a trust fund, the seller has no right)
  • Wording in the title deed holds up the standards set for real estate legal documentation.
  • The signatures of all the necessary parties are represented
  • Any previous encumbrances or liens on the property that haven’t been lifted
  • Recording of the ownership is improper
  • Filing of the deed is improper in complying with the standards with the area

Our Solutions

If a title deed turns out to be defective, our skilled real estate lawyers at Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates can help you by filing for an action called “quiet title”, to determine the authentic ownership and make sure that the issues involved are resolved. They can also help arbitrate any meeting you may need to have with any other parties involved in your transaction. At Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates, we make sure that the buying or selling property is executed flawlessly so that you can look back on this transaction and find nothing but happy memories. If you are undergoing a real estate transaction, come see us today for a consultation.

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