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Why You Should Have Title Insurance Policy

Why Do I Need a Title Insurance Policy?

Title Insurance Policy covers your real estate property against any breaches of agreement, intended damages, and other losses that may occur with regards to your property. Being covered under a Title Insurance Policy makes you eligible to claim the money you are insured for.  It assures that you will be taken care of when you need it most

Types of Title Insurance Policies

Based on the type of property ownership you hold, you can choose between two major policy types: the owner policy or the lender policy. If you are the sole owner of a property that is currently in use then you should purchase the owner policy. If you are lending your property to another party, you should purchase the lender policy. Another scenario that the lender policy may be more effective in, is if you have a real estate property for lease or through a mortgage loan.

Why Should You Purchase an Insurance Policy?

Insurance policies can give you added security to unexpected and unwarranted situations that may arise in regards to your property. Natural disasters, thefts and intended damages to your title investments, or real estate properties are not generally covered under contract agreements. Once you take ownership of a property the rights and, unfortunately, damages are your responsibility. An insurance policy can give you assurance and cover you when the situation arises.

Filing a Claim

While insurance is a safety net and assurance it is not always easy to file a claim and receive damages without the help of an experienced attorney. Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates can guide you through the process and make sure you receive the claims you deserve.






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