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Used Car and Consumer Fraud

Used Cars and Consumer Fraud Claims

The Consumer Fraud Act of New Jersey protects consumers from any deceptions or risks involved in selling or purchasing a used car. All the aspects of a used car should be presented by the seller in a transparent and understandable manner to the customer. Some sellers will attempt to manipulate certain aspects, like the appearance, brand, speed, mileage, or age of the car, to raise the price of the car. You can be eligible for certain claims if the car has been driven over a certain number of kilometers. If the seller has manipulated the odometer reading during or before the purchase of your car however, you will not be eligible for those claims. Seems unfair, right? You’re not wrong; you would have just become a victim of consumer fraud. It is important to take legal action against such a crime and prevent any losses.

How Can I Avoid Consumer Fraud?

It is important to do some key research before purchasing a used car. You should attempt to go to a known and reputed dealer, or someone that has been referred to you by a trusted family member or friend. You may want to do a little research on the types of fraudulences that have been committed in used car sales so you can keep an eye out for them. It is very possible and easy to make a car look newer than it to hide the imperfections that can create a hassle or compromise your safety so you need to look into the history of the car as well.

 You may also want to reach out to a legal professional like the ones at Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates to help ensure that you are not a victim of consumer fraud. Our lawyers can help you take legal action in a situation where you are a victim of consumer fraud. The Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act and The Motor Vehicle Financial Security Act cover against any consumer frauds in purchasing used car. Our lawyers have a detailed understanding of these laws and are aware of how to help you and your case.

What If I Only Notice An Issue After The Purchase?

This is an unfortunate situation but it’s not the end of the line. The Consumer Fraud Act may cover your loss but you will definitely need someone to review your case and take it further. Seek legal assistance from Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates for your comfort and a legal solution to your problems.

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