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What does it mean when an attorney is "evaluating my case?"

One of the most difficult challenges for a private individual handling their own personal injury claim is to know what their claim is worth. Most people simply don’t feel comfortable in the bargaining process to settle a claim. And even those people who are comfortable with it are at a great disadvantage if they have no real idea where to start bargaining from. Likewise, an attorney who is inexperienced or unfamiliar with personal injury law may not yet have developed the necessary feel for the value of a client’s case, and may not yet be familiar with the many resources available to help evaluate a claim. Personal injury attorneys who are well-experienced in resolving personal injury claims will have developed the knowledge of how particular factors will influence the value of a claim. Things such as comparative negligence issues (in which more than one person was at fault for an accident), punitive damages issues (in which the actions of a defendant, such as a drunk driver, were particularly reprehensible), and pre-existing medical conditions of the claimant which may either increase or decrease the value of their claim. Experienced personal injury attorneys will also have access to resources (some at considerable expense), both in book form and on-line, which give them up-to-date details about the claim value of particular types of injuries. An attorney should have an extensive, up-to-date library with medical and legal information that assist substantially in evaluating claims.

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