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What is the Contingent Fee Agreement that a lawyer wants me to sign?

When an injured person, or the family member of a deceased person, hires an attorney to represent them in a lawsuit, they both sign a contingent fee agreement. This is a document which is essentially the employment contract with the attorney that lays out in detail all of the terms of that employment. “Contingent fee” refers to the fact that the attorney is being hired on the basis that they will only receive a fee from the client contingent upon the client receiving money from the person(s) causing their injuries. This means that the personal injury attorney only receives payment from the client when the attorney has secured a settlement, binding arbitration award, or jury verdict for the client. This allows even clients of very modest means to hire the very best attorneys for their cases. A good personal injury attorney will be experienced in all phases of case work, and will be able to properly guide the client’s case while it is an insurance claim, and, if necessary, on through the stages of lawsuit, discovery, arbitration, mediation, and/or trial.

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