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2 People Involved in Train Accidents

Posted on Jul 31, 2014

Yesterday, two people were struck by trains at different times in different stations. In the afternoon, a woman stood on the tracks and was hit by an Amtrak train in Newark Penn Station. Her motive for being on the tracks at the time is unknown as of now. She was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. At night a man was on the tracks near the Newark Liberty International Airport station. He was hit and killed by an NJ Transit train traveling to New York. His motives for being on the track are also unknown at the moment.

It is tragic that two people lost their lives in the same manner in Newark today. As more information is uncovered authorities will be able to identify the situation and what occurred. Hopefully this can help prevent future occurrences of such heartbreaking incidents. We offer our condolences to any family or friends of the individuals involved in these accidents.

Stay safe at the train station and follow the rules. If you see anyone acting in a troubling manner try to alert the proper authorities.


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