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Another Two, Gone Too Soon

Posted on Jul 29, 2014


The two football players, Calvin Verduga and Jack Timmerman, were 17 year old high school students that died after getting into a car with two other classmates.

The other two students were sent to the hospital, and in fact, one of them was already released.

The police released a statement saying that the car was speeding down Ironia Road in the afternoon when it failed to make a turn and drove off the road, knocking a street sign before crashing into a tree.

The two best friends were lifting weights when a friend had approached Verduga and Timmerman and asked them to get into the car after the driver had just recently received the car as a birthday present.

Calvin Verduga had just survived a car accident not so long ago. He posted a picture on his Twitter account with a picture of the overturned car with the caption, “My life flashed before my eyes. Drive safe people #godisgreat.” Alex Wolmart, the driver, apologized to both families and revealed that the car had wheel alignment issues. Wolmart had lost control of the car after he had taken his eyes off the road to talk to Verduga. Before he knew it, the car was driving off the road and Wolmart tried his best to avoid the crash by jerking the wheel many times. The car fishtailed and “rolled like four times.”

The town is mourning heavily over the loss of two popular best friends.

Speeding can lead to major accidents. It is important for drivers, especially young ones, to be cautious when it comes to driving over the limit. These posted limits are there for a reason. It is to protect the driver and those around. Speed limits are posted after studying the nature of the road and the possibilities of pedestrians. Don’t ignore these speed limit signs. It’ll be a lot easier to make a successful turn when speeding isn’t involved.





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