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Cell Phone and Drug Smuggling Uncovered at NJ State Prison

Posted on Jul 31, 2014

A prison smuggling scandal was recently uncovered at the New Jersey State Prison. Three of the corrections officers at the facility are suspected of being involved in the affair, as well as 14 inmates and 18 people outside of the facility. The scheme involved smuggling cell phones and drugs into the prison facility for the inmates. Most of the inmates implicated are serving extended sentences in the State Prison.

The smuggling operation was uncovered by investigations conducted by the New Jersey Department of Corrections Special Investigations Division. The prosecutors were especially worried by the smuggling of cell phones because they stated that inmates could use them to orchestrate criminal activity from inside the prison.

Below is a list of people suspected of being involved in the smuggling.

Corrections Officers:

Roosevelt Francis

Shareeka Miller

Tony Evans


Ubay Lumumba

Jamiyl Dock

Vasil Heisler

Shahid Williams

Carnell Gibbs

James Washington

Moises Velez

Charles Noble

Anthony Afandador

Damon Thornton

Carmelo Pantiounga

Andre Dennis

Frank Farina

Luis Dasilva

Others indicted:

Christopher Blue

Doris Jackson

Margaret Potts

Stephanie Johnson

Terri Moore

Brittie Griffith

Arnette Williams

Tydeeka Ingram

Jason Barnum

Jason Williams

Ashley Green

Elvin Torres

Herbert Thornton

Marla West-Roots

Maria Sacco

Renanto Nunes

Angelo Nunes

Angelica Tilley



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