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Christie signs 22 bills, including new driver rule

Posted on May 02, 2017

Trenton, NJ - Governor Christie signed 22 new bills this past Monday morning, one of which affects New Jersey drivers. The "Michael Massey Law," named after the late Michael Massey, was among those added on May 1st. An amendment to the "Move Over Law," the bill was created following the death of sanitation worker Michael Massey, who was killed when he was hit by a car while performing his sanitation worker duties alongside of a stretch of road in Ocean Township. 

“Michael Massey’s Law” (S-518/A-4452) expands the “Move Over Law” to include sanitation vehicles. The bill would require motorists approaching sanitation vehicles, if possible, to reduce speed to less than the posted speed limit; be prepared to stop; and make a lawful lane change to at least one lane away from the sanitation vehicle. Violators would face a maximum $500 fine. - Tom Davis

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