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Hit and Run in Marlboro Leaves Freehold Resident High and Dry

Posted on Oct 17, 2012

A freehold resident was traveling north on Route 9 in Marlboro, when she was involved in what became a hit and run accident.

A male driver hit the back of her Toyota Camry in front of Damon's Grill on Route 9 Northbound in Marlboro, and took off once she stated taht she wanted to call the police.

"He was trying to get around the stop and go traffic that happens on the weekends," she said. "When he hit me, he got out of his car and insisted there was no damage to any cars, and stood in front of my door blocking me from exiting."

By the time Tipps found her phone, which had flown around her car due to the impact, Tipps said the male driver then became irritated and left.

The male driver, in a 90's model black Toyota Rav 4 or Honda CRV, had no visible license plates according to a township police report. Tipps said he was wearing sunglasses, a camouflage colored baseball hat and was tan. He had a window cling on the back that said "no room."

Upon impact Tipps said her head slammed into her steering wheel then quickly snapped back, an injury she is not being treated for.

"Even though the damage is minimal, it is frustrating that I have to pay for that and my medical bills," she said.

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