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Icy conditions make for dangerous travel in New Jersey

Posted on Jan 10, 2018


Middletown, NJ - Recent fluctuations in temperature are causing a lot of trouble for drivers and pedestrians all over New Jersey. The latest incidents in Middletown serve as a reminder to exercise caution out on the roads and walkways during this wintery weather spell.

Icy conditions were to blame for a single-car accident this past Tuesday morning. The crash occurred at approximately 7:15, January 9th on Holland Road near Tatum Park in Middletown. The driver lost control of his Jeep over black ice - sending the vehicle careening into a tree - but he was able to get out of his car unassisted and refused medical treatment.

In addition to this ice-related mishap, Middletown EMS was called to multiple slip-and-fall accidents on Tuesday morning alone. Most of them involved elderly people, who are especially vulnerable to injury.

These incidents should remind us all to take it easy, drive slower and be mindful when walking or driving, as black ice can be hidden anywhere in plain sight.

For some tips on staying upright and pain-free during black-ice season, check out this article, Respecting Gravity: Avoiding Slips, Trips & Falls

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