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Insurance company refuses to pay medical bills

Posted on Nov 13, 2013

I have said it time and time again and I will continue to say it--Insurance companies are not your friends. The insurance adjustor that calls you after your accident is not your friend. He/She is trying to get as much information as possible to use it against you later. This story is just a prime example of how insurance companies will do anything to avoid paying claims.

On August 16, 2013 Dana Corrar of Old Bridge was on her way home on Route 18 in East Brunswick, NJ when she was struck head-on by Ashley Chieco, 26, who was driving the wrong way in a stolen vehicle. Tragically, Ashley Chieco died from her injuries. Her blood alcohol level was above the legal limit. Corrar was hospitalized at Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center in New Brunswick. She sustained bilateral fractures to both legs and ankles, a punctured lung and various other injuries. He underwent 5 surgeries before being transferred to an assisted living facility, where she remains to this day.

The insurance carrier for the car Ashley Chieco stole naturally denied coverage citing the fact that Chieco did not have permission to use the car. Chieco herself owned a vehicle also insured by Liberty Mutual. That policy also denied insurance coverage because Ms. Chieco was intoxicated which is in violation of the insurance policy.

As for Corrar's insurance policy, Corrar had designated her health care insurance as primary instead of the standard PIP Coverage on her policy. So her health insurance carrier was liable to pay for her medical bills. Her health care insurance company TRICARE, refused to pay for any treatment after October 2 saying "it is not medically necessary for this 55-year-old female to have a continued stay at a skilled level of care." So now Corrar is left in an assisted living facility without insurance coverage to pay for it. Her attorney was able to convince the Reformed Church Home, an Assisted Living Facility in East Brunswick to wait for payment until the case settled.

What would happen if no assisted living facility agreed to this arrangement? That’s insurance companies for you.

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