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NJ Ranks 8th for States to Raise Children In

Posted on Jul 24, 2014

New Jersey has recently been ranked as the 8th best state in the United States to raise children by the Kids Count report. It has shifted down from its previous ranking due to, what Kids Count, claims is pervasive poverty in the state.

New Jersey holds its rank in the top ten due to the excellent school systems in the state, which are ranked as the 2nd best in the nation. New Jersey students have had significant improvement over the years in education and tend to outperform their peers in others states. The graduation rate and attendance of preschool is high in the state. Also the majority of children in the state are covered by health insurance, with just 5% without any coverage.

However the economic situation for children has worsened. There are more children living in poverty, more children with parents who are unemployed, and more children living in households with high housing cost burdens. There are also more children living in high-poverty areas.

The education system has considerably helped New Jersey in the Kids Count report, which speaks volumes about the high quality education that can be received in the state. It’s also a testament to the wise choice of moving to New Jersey and raising children in the state. The opportunities provided to children can help them move forward instead of holding them back.



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