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Off-duty Firefighter Saves Driver From Fatal South Harrison Crash

Posted on Jul 26, 2012

Firefighter Rob Bowen was talking to his aunt outside her home at Route 45 and Monroeville Road, in  South Harrison Township, when they heard a loud bang.

Because of a shed and a row of pine trees, he couldn’t actually see the intersection. However, the crash “sounded like it was bad,” so he took off running.

As the intersection came into view, he realized the trailer of a semi rig was coming right at him. He veered around it until it stopped sliding.

The crash involved a tractor-trailer and a pickup truck. Bowen, 24, of Pennsville, works with the 177th Air National Guard in Pomona as a firefighter.

He ran to the white pickup truck that was entangled with the wreck of the truck trailer. He was able to open the driver’s door about two inches, so he just dragged him, about 15 yards, awaited the arrival of emergency personel.

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