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Police Vehicles May Be Watching Your Every Move

Posted on Jul 11, 2014

Be Careful of What you Say When You Get Pulled Over by a Police Officer

The New Jersey Senate passed a bill that was originally introduced by Assemblyman Charles Mainor, will now allow police officers to have cameras installed in their cars. Every police vehicle will have a camera so be careful of what you say when you are pulled over vs. what you claim if you do go to court.

While the price of these cameras are unknown, fines for driving while intoxicated will increase $25, which is most likely going to cover the costs for these cameras.

The bill is currently waiting for its last approval from Governor Chris Christie. If Christie were to approve the bill, it would take effect the first day 6 months after his approval. However,whether he will or will not approve the bill is still unknown. Christie did originally vetoed the bill in January when it was first approved by the Senate.

Currently, police cars in urban and large suburban areas are installed with these cameras.

The new bill is a way of stopping false claims, a case which Assemblyman Paul D. Moriarty is familiar with in an incident in 2012. A police officer from Washington Township claimed that Moriarty had cut him off and was intoxicated. The camera on the officer’s dashboard revealed the truth. Moriarty was dismissed from his charges and the officer was sentenced for 14 months on account of false charges.

Installing cameras into police vehicles could cause controversy with motorists. While its purpose is to stop false charges, could it be a violation of your right to privacy? Should there be consent involved before any recordings are made? Comment below or on our Facebook page!



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