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Senator Menendez Will Talk in Toms River to Discuss Superstorm Sandy Aftermath

Posted on Jul 31, 2014

Doug Quinn’s home had been ruined after three feet of water flooded in his home and cracked the foundation. Quinn thought he had $250,000 of coverage with his flood insurance, but 22 months after he had filed for his claim, he only received $92,800. According to Quinn, his home is in need of repairs that are even worth more than his insurance coverage.

Quinn had filed for an appeal of the settlement, but no reply yet. The 50-year old and his teenage daughter are currently living in a rental on the other side of town, as they wait to rebuild their home through a state-run grant program.  

Diane Mazzacca is facing a similar issue in Stafford Township. Mazzacca has her property insured for $250,000 under the National Flood Insurance Program, a program run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. However, her home only received $64,000 after filing a claim.

U.S. Senate Robert Menendez will hold a Senate meeting in Washington, NJ on Wednesday about the flood insurance process. Menendez said while holding a conference in Quinn’s home, “The way that the structure is set up is tilted against the homeowner and it shouldn’t be that way,” Menendez continued, "I don’t want the federal flood insurance to pay anybody more than what they should get but I also don’t want the federal flood insurance to pay anybody less than what they should get."

On the other hand, George Kasimos, the founder of the group that has concerns about new federal flood maps, is handing out signs that read, “Stop FEMA.” Kasimos is outraged by the amount of money that insurance companies are giving to NJ residents despite their coverage. He is supporting people to sue insurance companies, “If you’re home is pushed off its foundation and they’re giving you $30,000 sue the flood insurance company. It’s very simple.”

Quinn has no intentions in filing for a lawsuit.

FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate will speak at the meeting in Washington.





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