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Teen Falls Out of Pick-Up Truck Bed

Posted on Jul 30, 2014


A 17 year old boy was driving in Hillsborough while two 17 year old boys and one 16 year old girl were sitting in the pickup bed. While trying to make a turn, one of the boys in the pickup bed fell out of the truck. The boy was taken into Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick after.

Due to the ages of the teens, officials were not able to release any further information on the case. Investigations are being held because the driver was a 17 year old and did not have his full basic license. If the driver had his examination license, he would’ve only been able to have one person in the car that is over the age of 21. If he had his probationary license, he would’ve only been able to drive one other person of any age that is not a relative.

While no one likes to wear these restraints, we have to. The law says, “Click it or ticket,” for a reason: safety. If the teens in the back of the truck were actually sitting inside the car wearing seat belts, this incident would not have happened.

Seat belts are straps that are supposed to hit the main points of your body: your shoulder and your hips. With these straps, it can hold the passengers of the car in place in case of a sudden brake or if an accident were to occur. Don’t take seat belts for granted. Every time you are seated inside a car with a seat belt on, your life is saved.


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