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Wedding Brawl (Nope It's Not A Movie)

Posted on Jul 29, 2014

An all out brawl with about 300 people at a wedding. Sounds like a scene from a romantic comedy movie coming to a theater near you, right? It’s actually a scene from a wedding in Middletown Township, NJ!

The fighting and disruption broke out in Jacques Reception Center and when two police officers got to the scene there were 80 guests shouting and shoving each other. The crowd swelled to 300 people as more Middletown officers came to the scene to attempt to control the situation. Law enforcement from Hazlet, Keansburg and Holmdel arrived at the scene as well to quell the confrontation.

There were no reported injuries but two of the wedding guests were arrested. Johnathan Accardia, age 32, was charged with obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct. Emily George, age 23, was charged with disorderly conduct.

We hope your weekend was far more fun and much less crazy then that of the wedding guests at Jacques Reception Center!


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