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PIP Arbitrations for Medical Providers

If you’re a doctor or medical provider, you know how difficult it is to navigate the the New Jersey’s Personal Injury Protection auto insurance system.

Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates understands the challenges you may face, and wants you to know we are here to guide you through the PIP arbitration process at absolutely no cost to you, ever.

If an insurance company has denied payment for services rendered to those hurt in an automobile accident or in a business, personal property, or commercial setting, our attorneys are ready to represent you and arbitrate on your behalf to seek remuneration for services rendered to patients under New Jersey's No-Fault Auto Insurance Laws.

Click here for a brief overview of our PIP Arbitration process.


Pre-Certification Process:

Insurance providers require patients and medical providers to pre-certify certain types of medical procedures and treatments for those injured in auto accidents.  Failure to do so can, and often does, result in the insurance company denying payment.

Many treatments for the neck and back, such as chiropractic care or physical therapy, are especially contested, as the medical necessity is generally questioned. Additionally, insurance companies may even challenge the need for necessary radiological services and diagnostic tests.

Forthright's PIP Arbitration Process:

Once an insurance company has denied payment for the aforementioned, patients and healthcare providers may initiate an Arbitration Demand through the Forthright New Jersey No-Fault Arbitration Program.

An Arbitration Demand is an appeal for Forthright to appoint an arbitrator to mediate and resolve the dispute between the healthcare provider and the insurance company.  These arbitrators are licensed attorneys who have experience handling PIP arbitrations.  Once a decision is made, it is binding on both sides of the dispute.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation:

Our attorneys have successfully represented doctors and providers in PIP arbitrations and are ready to serve you.  Contact us today to begin the arbitration process.  We can be reached 24/7 toll-free (877) 721-7201.  You can also email us at info@ghabourlaw.com or complete this form.

We will contact you immediately to schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced PIP arbitration lawyers.  We have two conveniently located offices, in Central and Northern New Jersey, and can schedule you to visit our Matawan or Bayonne office.  If you are unable to come to us, we will come to you.


We offer a free initial consultation and ensure our services will not cost you anything, ever.


Guaranteed 48 Hour Response:

We take your case seriously and initiate the arbitration process immediately.  As soon as we receive your medical documents and invoices, we guarantee a prompt response from our firm.

We file arbitrations within 48 hours of receipt of all the requisite medical documentation.


As Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates, LLC represents you in your PIP arbitration, all costs associated with the initiation and resolution of the PIP Dispute Resolution will be advanced by our law firm and any reimbursement of costs and legal fees incurred will be paid by the automobile insurance carrier as determined by the Dispute Resolution Professional.

Our firm will never seek or request payment from you regardless of the outcome of the PIP Dispute Resolution. 

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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